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Benefits of using a Martingale Collar

Teaching your pet to walk nicely on a loose lead can be a frustrating task, especially if you own a highly excitable dog or a hound whose neck is larger than his head. There are many training tools available to aid dog owners, including head halters, choke chains, and martingale collars. Each training device has the same principle, which is to use a varying degree of uncomfortable force as an aversive aid to condition the dog to walk without pulling on the lead. The head halters can be difficult to use, especially on a head shy dog and the dangerous choke chains have long been out of style. The training aid gaining most popularity is the martingale collar.


The "Furberry" Martingale Collar

The Furberry dog collar features a handsome plaid that will look pretty and classy on your boy or girl. Similar to that very expensive "You Know Who" designer. Durable and comfortable, this martingale is great for use both off and on lead. Price $13.99 + $3.99 shipping and import fees to Australia.


PetSafe's Martingale Collar with Quick Snap Buckle

Recommended by trainers as the best design for daily wear. This martingale collar by PetSafe also features a quick snap buckle for easy on and off. From $6.91 + $5.99 shipping and import fees to Australia.

Which martingale collars you should avoid and why

A martingale collar is fitted to the exact size of the dog's neck, it will be comfortably loose when not in use. When the martingale ring is pulled, the collar should be very tight, but should not constrict the airway. If properly fitted, it is safe to wear everyday. However, some martingale collars seem to be more dangerous than the choke chain collar. There is a major issue with the martingale collars that have a chain as part of the device. It has been reported that the chain section can become lodged in the dog’s mouth, choking the pet. There have even been some lamentable events in which the dog has died.


How To Use a Martingale Collar

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