ION™ LED Dog Collar Review

ION’s USB rechargeable LED dog collar offered more than I was expecting. This collar is only sold in Australia, and features a built-in LED system that ensures that your dog is fully protected at nights, offering more than seven hours of continuous use with just a single charge. To ensure that there is an even and powerful distribution of light, ION uses the latest LED and fiber-optic technology. It also possesses three flashing modes, fast flash, slow flash and a constant glow. Another interesting thing about this device is that it can easily be charged with a USB cable and features a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. Simply connect the collar to your cellphone charger or computer and wait until the charging indicator light turns from red to green. One hour quick-charge and three hours for complete charge.

Advantages of the ION LED Dog Collar

• More than 7 hours of continuous use with a single charge.
• USB rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (cable included).
• Durable nylon webbing with reflective stitching.
• Water resistant (do not submerge).
• Adjustable length


Before I had this collar, I never took my dog for a night walk because it was hard to see her. After getting the ION LED dog collar, I decided to give the night walks one more chance and I was impressed at the result. Firstly, the collar and is very bright. It is bright enough to be able to light up your dogs face. After seeing how bright the collar was on my dog, I decided to see whether it would still be the same intensity if I give her some distance. I was still surprised by how bright the collar is from far. Though I wasn’t in the mood to test the 500 meters light range, I was satisfied by how bright the LED lights are.

The coolest thing about the ION collar is the ease of charging. You can easily charge it by connecting it to your smartphone charger or laptop. An indicator light makes it easy to tell when the collar is fully charged. Ever since I started using this flashing collar, it has added more spice and fun to our night journeys. And most importantly, it offered me more confidence to take a walk at night without been afraid of my dog being hit by a car or bicycle.

Regular Price: AU $27
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