AirTag Dog Collar


AirTag Pet Collar For Dogs and Cats in Australia

If you are looking to get an AirTag for your pet, you are in the right place! There are only a few options of AirTag dog collars and holders available in Australia at the moment, here's what we believe is the best option.

Update Nov. 2022 / Not Available in Australia:

The Pet AirTag Vault: An AirTag Holder for Your Dog/Cat Collar

ElevationLab has announced the upcoming launch of the Pet Tag Vault, an AirTag holder that is designed to attach to any pet collar or harness. The design is pretty similar to the Tag Vault, offering a full enclosure for the AirTag that is both waterproof and protective. The AirTag holder for pets screws on with four small screws and then attaches to your dog or cat collar with a plastic mounting plate.

The benefit of the Pet AirTag Vault is that it doesn't need to be attached to a ring on your pet collar (or I.D tag holder), making it a more durable and secure solution than other Apple pet AirTag holders. According to their website, the Pet AirTag Vault is designed to work with any width harness or collar, and collar thicknesses up to 4.5mm. This covers 95% of dog and cat collars, though some leather or padded collars may be too thick.


According to Vault Pet AirTag website, it is best to use it with dogs and cats that are over 4 Kilos. The tag works with smaller pets (e.g Chihuahuas and small cats), but the AirTag holder will be rather large for their collars. An advantage of this design is that it is comfortable for pets, and that the location signal and sound pass through the housing. The Pet AirTag Vault can be preordered from ElevationLab's website for $27 (AU). Shipping times to Australia can vary (20-30 days).