Dog Bike Leash


Dog Bike Leash

A bicycle dog lead is a great way to exercise your dog in a new and exciting way! Paws & Pals dog bike leash features a patented spring system that acts like suspension when your dog pulls. This means less jolts for for you and your dog. Biking with your dog has never been easier!


The Paws & Pals dog bike leash puts you in control while keeping your dog in a safe position next to the bicycle. The adjustable bike attachment expands to match your dog's running pace, so it is ideal for small to large dogs.

Paws & Pals Dog Bike Leash

Paws & Pals bicycle dog leash is made of durable stainless steel and heavy duty hardware. The bike lead seat lock fits securely to any bicycle seat. It is easy to install and removes in just seconds
Regular Price: AU$19.70 + $12.26 Shipping and Import Fees to Australia

Benefits Of Rinding Your Bike With Your Dog

Rinding your bicycle with your dog is an activity has become very popular, and for a good reason - it is healthy and fun. It is perfect for high energy dogs that require long runs and sustained exercise. It is ideal for dog owners without big yards or room for their pet to run. Using a bike dog leash is a fantastic way to do some cycling together with your pup.

Health Benefits

Obesity is an alarming, growing problem among family pets. The complications that come along with it such as arthritis and diabetes and can lead to expensive vet bills and ultimately a shorter life for your dog. Because we all want are pets to live long and healthy lives, it is extremely important to make sure they get proper exercise. Biking a dog along with other regular activity and good nutrition, is a great way to help ensure this.